sexta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2012

And still

Her life was a mess, but still she tried to take another step forward.
His life was a mess, but still he tried to take that step forward with her.
She loved him and still, she never learned how to do it.
Just like her, he loved her too, just didn't know how to.
They were both taught that it was never too late, but they both knew it was already too late.
'Hope is hopelessness', she used to say.
He was too junky for her, too young for her, too reckless for her, too careless for her.
She was too snob for him, too old for him, too full of bullshit for him, too bright for him, too sure of everything for him.
They were perfect for each other, that's what they were. And still, they blew it.

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